Best Features

exBlock Digital Asset Exchange Software delivers

Multi-level Authentication

Multi-Level Authentication framework coupled with layered architecture providing enhanced security across platform for access to sensitive information.

Limit Order & Market Order

exBlock offers a suite of order types to give traders the tools they need for every scenario. Discover more about our most advanced Algorithmic orders types.

KYC Facility

Our KYC Module is designed to provide "Defense in Depth", drastically reducing the risk associated with fake profiles. All data is processed as per compliance.

Referral Program

Get more customers with a referral program that makes it easy to share your business. Use Smart Invites to share, measure, and optimize your referral program.

Enhance Admin Console

A secure and cutting-edge administrative panel offers you with robust analytics, advanced alert settings, risk monitoring and much more.

Vibrant Infographics & Charts

Data insights by Infographics & Charts quickly and clearly provide key drivers of engagement for users trying to understand insights for Crypto markets.


User Module

Ready to launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange? Our crypto exchange fully supports your corporate branding and Identity with your retail clients. This secure, trusted platform allows Exchange Operators, Asset Managers, Broker-Dealers and Token Issuers to develop new revenue streams, maximize liquidity, and transact their businesses in the most efficient way possible.

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Admin Module

exBlock admin module allows you to access the backend details of your exchange. Designed robustly it has varied feature linked to the platform to monitor the trades and risk assessments.

You can see exBlock Admin Module in action before purchase.

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How to set up a Cryptocurrency exchange?

Build A Crypto Exchange Platform Like BINANCE, OKEX, Coinbase, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kraken. Here are the Simple Steps to set up your own Cryptocurrency exchange;

  • 1

    Buy a Cryptocurrency Exchange

    Buy a Cryptocurrency Exchange system with Source code and get full control over Source code.

  • 2

    Get Investors Funding

    Get investors funding by way of Private Investor or Crowdfunding. (Live Exchange will make your funding process much easy).

  • 3

    Build Your Customer Base

    Build your customer base by way of Partnership, Social media Marketing, PR and Media outreach.

  • 4

    Expand Globally

    By Adding new features, New Language support, Strong KYC and AML policy, innovative Utility Service and adding Partners (payment processor, Liquidity partner, local exchange, etc).

Quick Software Overview


If you search on google then you will find cost around $ 135000 but exBlock provide promotional price to start Bitcoin Exchange. Check Latest promotion from the link: Price to setup crypto exchange
Registration, Limit Order, Market Order, KYC facility, Referral Program, Multi-wallet, Multi-level Authentication, Vibrant infographics and charts, Admin Access to manage user and Funds. Check the User Module and Admin Module.
All account, order and market price data will be stored on your servers with full control over the data.
Crypto exchanges are emerging as some of the biggest gainers of the cryptocurrency boom as the top 10 exchanges are generating as much $3 million in fees a day, or heading for more than $1 billion per year. Revenue is generated from Trading fees, Deposit/withdrawal fees, Margin from orders matching, Google Adsense and Listing fees for new coins (Smaller exchanges typically have listing fees from 1 to 5 BTC).
Yes, it comes with an admin panel to manage and delete accounts, view active users, logs and more.
Your Domain name with SSL support, Cloud space to host new Crypto Exchange with PHP laravel support. After starting Exchange you need Customer care staff, Admin staff to manage Accounts KYC.
Yes. We don't recommend to start Crypto Exchange without SSL certificate.
Many of the largest international cryptocurrency exchanges do not have global licenses. For example, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kraken, Binance, do not have global licenses but still, their transaction volumes are among the top exchanges. This proves that customers are not as concerned with your license as with your reputation and the quality of your platform.
exBlock Crypto Exchange Software and source code come with a lifetime license, once you buy it, you own it for life.

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